Antoine Chebib








Dear Parishioners,


On behalf of the Committee, I congratulate all our brothers and sisters from various national backgrounds, both in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, who offered their support for the establishment of a House for God in Brisbane.


That which started as an idea, then became our dream, and a will in the mind of our community living in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This dream became the reality of the Church of St. Paul in Brisbane. This reality was fostered by His Grace Bishop Gibran Ramlawey, at the home of the late Stephen Waijen. The Bishop appointed Stephen Waijen as president of the first committee, and His Grace encouraged the idea and promised to help. Thus, was the beginning of the first steps towards building a church in Brisbane. Under the guidance of Bishop Gibran Ramlawey, the original committee members and supporters who stood together as one family, with one heart were:


(The Late) Stephen Waijen            Paul Waijen              Younis Daher              Sam Wigan

Antoine Chebib                            Mounir Khoury         Raid Nasrawi              Tony Haddad

(The Late) Raymond Chebib        Michael Awabdy      George Zeitoun            Jamil Farha

Steve Wigan                                Victor Ghorayeb       George Aswad

(The Late) Antoun Eid                  Joe Daher                 Assad Ghorayeb


We have worked constantly since 1990, believing in the willingness of the community members to help in the completion of this project.


In 1995, I was appointed President of the Committee, and in 1996 we purchased the property at Woolloongabba, On this land we prayed that we would build our House of God. His Grace Bishop Ramlawey provided financial assistance to get Council approval, whilst pledging financial support towards building coasts. Shortly before passing away to eternal life, His Grace blessed the land that our Church now stands upon.


We then continued with Metropolitan Paul Saliba, who encouraged and helped the committee in fulfilling our goal. The church was built with the help of God, and many dedicated community members who did not hesitate to assist.


Today, at the completion of our project, and after ten years as President of the committee, I thank God for giving me the strength to work with responsibility and faith. I thank Michael Awabdy, Mounir Khoury, and all who worked with us. I thank my brothers and sisters in the community for their support and trust. Without their trust, encouragement and help, we would not have seen the completion of our church building. To our families, Maha Khoury and the Women’s Committee, who stood by us, to the Sunday School teacher, Youth Group Leaders and their supporters, my immense gratitude for your dedication and hard work. I also thank Father John Abdel-Karim for his enthusiasm towards the building of this Church and all those who contributed in secret; may our Lord and God Himself who sees all reward them openly.


Though we are from various national backgrounds, we are one Orthodox Church that transcends nationalism. We are all equal in Jesus Christ. It is my hope that we stay united, with love, honesty and trust toward each other. For it is with these three qualities that we overcome all difficulties, and gain the strength required to prosper as a community.

To my current committee and members, I thank you for your ongoing support, trust and strength. Your support allows us to persevere into the future.


May we always remember our fellow community members that have passed into eternal life, and who shared our vision in seeing our Church completed. May God Bless you all.