Prayers before Reading the Bible

O Master, who loves us, shine Your eternal light in our hearts that we may better know You. Help us to fully understand Your Gospel message. Instil in us respect for Your holy commandments, that by overcoming our worldly desires we might live a spiritual life of thoughts and deeds which pleases You. We ask this of You, O Christ our God, for You are the light of our souls and bodies and You we glorify with Your eternal Father and All-Holy good and life-giving Spirit now and forever.  Amen.


Shine within my heart, loving Master, the pure light of Your divine knowledge, and open the eyes of my mind that I may understand Your teaching. Instil in me also reverence for Your blessed commandments, so that having conquered sinful desires I may pursue a spiritual way of life, thinking and doing all those things that are pleasing to You. For You, Christ my God, are my light, and to You I give glory together with Your Father and Your Holy Spirit, now and forever.  Amen.



Prayer after Reading the Bible

Blessed is God, Who desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, now and forever. O Lord and Master, our God, call us, Your servants to Your holy illumination, and make us worthy of Your wondrous grace; take from us the things of old, and renew us unto life eternal, and fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit unto union with Your Christ, so that we may not be children of the flesh, but children of the heavenly Kingdom.

Through the Prayers of our Holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy upon us and save us.  Amen.