A Child's Prayer (Morning)

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the gift of this new day. When You came to earth for us,

You grew as a child in wisdom and grace.

As Lord You received children in Your arms. You blessed them and said that Your kingdom belongs to them.

Dear Jesus, receive me also on this day and hear my morning prayer. Bless my parents, teachers and all those who love and care for me. Bless me, also, and protect me from danger and evil. Give me the strength to be truthful, honest, kind and helpful to others. Guide me to grow in grace and wisdom as a member of Your kingdom.

You are my Lord and King, and to You I give praise and thanks forever.  Amen.




A Child's Prayer (Evening)

Jesus, my Lord, You received the children who came to You.

Receive me also, Your child, and hear my evening prayer.

Protect me under the shelter of Your wings that I may sleep in peace.

And awaken me in the morning, that I may glorify You, my loving Lord.  Amen.