Dear Parishioners,


Grace and Peace be multiplied to you in our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.


The consecration of our Church is a great sign of Godís presence and work within us. We must remember that we are not celebrating any reward for our own work and effort, but bear witness to the grace of God bestowed upon us, and we ascribe glory, thanksgiving and worship to Him forever.


When we actively responded to His call, we felt that He was working through us, and by the prayer of our Patron Saint Paul the Apostle, He allowed us to work with Him in establishing His Holy Community in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and in building a sacred house to Him for our worship.


We thankfully acknowledge the most reverend, our father in God and master, Metropolitan Paul Saliba, for his sincere love, wisdom, patience and fulsome support in all that we have achieved in Brisbane. We feel the future of our parish will be secured by Godís providence, and the shepherdship and leadership of his Eminence. 


We remember in our prayers those who worked before us as pioneers for this Church, and those that have departed this life. Though they were tested and endured many tribulations, they are an example in faithfulness to Christ until death. May the Lord God give them the crown of life with glory in His heavenly Kingdom (Rev2:10). Glory be to Him.



Your work with God, Your struggle and support are gratefully appreciated. You exerted strenuous effort for the past eighteen years, and continue to serve silently for the glory of God. You will remain in His memory and the memory of the congregations of this Church from generation to generation. May God reward you by abundant blessings of heaven and earth, and bless your families.


Yours prayerfully,


Fr. John Abdel-Karim